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March 2012

Center News

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Center News

by Global Tea Hut

The Global Tea Hut website now has a forum up, where we can all discuss this month's tea and ask or answer questions, as well as share our experiences. It is a great way to meet some of your brothers and sisters in the hut. Come and join us:

We are planning to launch a free video series of teachings this April, from our center here in Taiwan. Wu De will give some teachings on tea and share some life wisdom each week. We aren't sure where we will host the videos, but we are excited about them indeed. Any ideas?

There are currently around 40 people in Global Tea Hut, scattered around 10-12 countries - all drinking tea together each month. We are earning around 800 USD after fees, which is 200$ short of paying the bills at our center. This isn't an issue, because we have local donations as well, but it means we are not yet earning enough to save towards our goals. We are sure that abundance is coming, though, and that a mountain retreat center is forecast in the guas of the Iching.

We have found that some people want to contribute but can't due to financial limitations. If you have a friend in such a situation, we have two solutions: first, the tea is not important. They can drink with us in spirit, lifting a bowl/cup of another tea. And the newsletters are up on our website for free. Of course, they can still join the forum as well. Secondly, we plan to give two free one-year subscriptions to GTH for every 50 people that sign up.

Wu De is traveling to Siberia late March/ early April to do some tea courses with our brothers and sisters there. It seems an amazing place for interest in Cha Dao, but there is actually a thriving tea community there. We are excited for our tradition to plant roots there, and to connect more deeply with our Russian brothers and sisters. Spread the news!

Let us know about what you think of Global Tea Hut so far, either by contacting us or expressing your thoughts on the new forum. We would love to hear your comments or criticism. We are here to serve and make this experience better for everyone, bringing us all closer together.
Be happy!