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January 2014

Our Goals for 2014

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Our Goals for 2014

by Global Tea Hut

Our goals/plans for the coming year:
  • Increase membership to 2,000 by January 1st, 2015
  • Save enough to break ground in 2015, hire an architect, begin building, etc.
  • Incorporate Global Tea Hut in Taiwan so that we can offer visas to volunteers
  • Achieve non-profit status in America
Ways in which Global Tea Hut will improve once we get closer to our goal of 2,000 members:
  • More funds means we can have a budget to travel and write more journalistic articles on tea regions, farmers, potters, etc.
  • In those travels, we can also source more donors to give organic teas, increasing the variety of teas Global Tea Hut sends out and connecting more of those teas with the source.
  • With more funds, we can add money towards tea; and rather than relying solely on donations, offer better quality tea sometimes. Also, this allows Global Tea Hut to make an impression on the tea world - promoting sustainable farmers and organic tea practices.
  • A commitment to return roughly 10% of revenue to the improvement of Global Tea Hut itself
  • Tea tins to protect teas we send each month
  • A new shipping date so that Global Tea Hut arrives at the beginning of the month
  • A full-color, glossy magazine instead of a black & white newsletter
  • More funds also means we can begin some translation projects, translating Chinese articles, ancient tea poems and texts, etc. for future issues.
Ways in which you can help:
  • Use social media to help promote our videos, links and membership to Global Tea Hut. Help us by making more of an effort to share it online!
  • Share each month's tea with friends. Show them the newsletter and tell them that the magazine and the teas are improving as the membership increases. Tell them we need 2000 members this year to begin construction on the world's best free tea center.
  • Discuss Global Tea Hut with people you know, and try your best to get one member a month to join. If everyone does that, we can achieve our goals quickly and together!