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July 2012

En-Lighten Up

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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En-Lighten Up

by Global Tea Hut

When you begin down an Eastern path, and Cha Dao mostly heads East, you quickly realize the important role language can play in our thinking, and consequently our insights. For the most part, we come to love the ancient spiritual words in languages like Sanskrit and Chinese - for their subtlety and breadth. There is one English word we've come to like better than its Eastern equivalents, however: "Enlightenment". When most people think of "Enlightenment" they see in the word the "light" and are reminded of the light in us, which we all travel towards. But "light" in English has another meaning: not heavy! Being enlightened means, literally, lightening up! Don't take yourself serious, or anything else for that matter. There is an old Indian saying: "beware the spiritual/religious man that takes himself seriously!" And many of you know how we here do so love laughter and humor. We thought that these newsletters might be getting a bit heavy and that we would enlighten them up.

Are you tired of people holding you responsible for your actions?

Have you always had the feeling there should be some way to blame someone else? Are old familiar lines such as "It's not my fault; it's your fault!", "I did it, but you made me do it!", or the classic "I did it, but I remember a time when you did something similar!", starting to lose the luster and oomph they had in the past?

Have we got a product for you: Blame Kaiya™

That's right, with this ingenuously future-thinking product, designed specifically with the needs of today's modern consumers in mind, you'll never have to take the blame again!

Blame Kaiya™ can be used at any time, in any situation! If nobody saw who did it, you can blame Kaiya! If someone catches you doing it, you can say that Kaiya made you do it!

Your subscription includes not only a free membership card which you can show to those doubters who may need evidence, it also includes a 24-hour telephone service! That's right, at any hour of the day or night, you can actually call Kaiya on the phone and he will admit his fault to your accuser!

If so desired, you can text in our special. code and he will be notified that he should not only take the blame but also backtalk, insult, or curse as he does so for greater authenticity!

WE know that you've never been wrong in your life, but you're surrounded by stupid jerks who don't! Let us help you set the record straight!

*For a limited time, now including free photoshop services! Let us photoshop Kaiya into any of your embarrassing or potentially incriminating photos. Call now and receive this added bonus free of charge!!

Call now: 1-800-BOOBERY Call now: 1-800-BOOBERY

What can I say?! Guilty as charged!

Blame Kaiya™ Call now: 1-800-BOOBERY

Your membership card will look like this:

Blame Me! It's all my fault! I did it all!

This card demonstrates irrefutably that (Your Name Here) is not to blame at all in this, as it was entirely and completely Kaiya's fault. He did it, so go talk to him about it! Contact Kaiya and he'll be happy to tell you he did it, and that you, sir (or madam), are a MORON!