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August 2017

Expansion Pack IV - Wild Bud Evening Sky

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Expansion Pack IV - Wild Bud Evening Sky

by Global Tea Hut

This month, we are offering a very special Expansion Pack. We were very fortunate to get ten of the twenty or so kilograms of wild, all-bud Evening Sky. This is a very rare chance to taste a wild version of the tea we all love so much! If you love this month's tea, you won't want to miss this chance!

This amazing tea comes from higher up than the ordinary Evening Sky, which is from wild gardens at around 1,700 meters above sea level and is harvested from wild trees that are between forty and two hundred years old. The trees are sparse and follow the contours of the mountain, with biodiversity, no irrigation or agrochemicals, and all else that makes up a living tea. These are healthy gardens, as you no doubt felt in the cleanliness of the Tea of the Month. In fact, we are often inspired by Dehong, which is making strides in the promotion of organic tea in both second-generation gardens and bigger plantations. We can only hope these movements will gather momentum as more tea lovers understand fully the environmental implications of their tea consumption.

The wild, all-bud version of Evening Sky comes from an altitude of around 2,000 meters above sea level, deeper into the forest and higher up the mountain than the gardens ordinary Evening Sky comes from. These wild trees, shown on pages 5, 6 and 8 of this issue, grow huge with thick whitish-purple buds that slowly unravel to the sun, changing to green as they grow into very large leaves. These wild trees can be up to eight hundred years old, though most are younger than that. The average is between one and two hundred years old. The main difference between this and our Tea of the Month is that this tea is only the buds of these higher altitude and older trees, selected and picked by hand.

This tea is fruity and peachy like our Tea of the Month, but with a richer and deeper Qi. It also is sweeter, coming from only buds. This is a rare chance to taste a truly wild tea, ethically sourced and with all the vibrancy of clear pristine mountains. Also, a portion of this tea was donated to us by a kind and dear friend who is in close connection with the locals. As a result, we are offering this at a very affordable price. Go to the website to get yours!

200 grams of this Wild Evening Sky for only $50 + shipping