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August 2017

Inside the Hut

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Inside the Hut

by Global Tea Hut

Coming Soon to Global Tea Hut Magazine
  • Yixing Teaware
  • Shou Puerh
  • Chajin Stories/Biographies
  • Sidehandle pots
  • We are offering free tea to the most active members on the app. Please help us grow the app community by posting your tea sessions, questions and helping inform your tea family around the world!
  • Our app has launched! We have worked very hard on this project. Please use the app! Fill in your profile and engage the community so that it is a worthwhile addition to Global Tea Hut.
  • The live broadcasts are so much fun that we have added a second one each month. Now there will be the normal Q&A at the beginning of the month and another broadcast on the Tea of the Month later on!
  • The photo contest has almost finished. Be sure to send your submission quickly. There will be amazing prizes this year. Only one entry per person and even non-members can submit, so tell your friends!
  • Our Light Meets Life fundraiser teas and teaware are arriving. Keep an eye out on the website, as some of the special teaware we are making this year will be very limited, and most likely, will sell very fast. The teas are also very exciting!
  • Raise a bowl for Erika Houle and Gordon Arkenberg, who were married this June by Wu De in Connecticut. It was a gorgeous ceremony, full of tea spirit. We will share some photography soon!
  • Wu De will be in Spain for our annual retreat this October. Then, there will be events in the United States afterwards. Check the website for more details:
August Affirmation
I am free to feel

Do I repress my emotions, not metabolizing my grief? Do I confuse the need to have equanimity towards emotions with a staunchness that prevents me from feeling? I am free to feel elated or grieve those I lose. I am free to cry fully.

Center News
  • Before you visit, check out the Center's website ( to read about the schedule, food, what you should bring, etc. Wu De will be traveling a lot in 2017, so check his schedule on the site if you are interested in seeing him while you are here at the Center.
  • We have switched to a ten-day course schedule at the Center, offering two per month. This is a great amount of time to get an immersive start in tea ceremony and will help the flow of the Center as well.
  • Connor Goss has moved to the Center to help serve. He is now in charge of scheduling, so when you email Tea Sage Hut, you will have the good fortune of corresponding with him, which is but one of the ways he is showing up. He is a lovely addition and his heartfelt service has already changed the energy of the Center.
  • We are going to host a seven-day tea course at the Center on tea and Qi Gong, starting on September 12th. (We changed to 7 days.)