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January 2018

Inside the Hut

Article Title
AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Inside the Hut

by Global Tea Hut

Coming Soon to Global Tea Hut Magazine
  • Tea & Zen Retreats
  • Classics of Tea
  • Chajin Stories/Biographies
  • Meng Song
  • If you serve tea regularly and would like some extra magazines or tea tins to give out to help spread the word about Global Tea Hut, please let us know. We are also looking to donate magazines to public places.
  • We are trying to expand by connecting with podcasts, blogs, journalists and other communities. If you have a suggestion, please email our PR point person, Emily Cross at:
  • The live broadcasts are so much fun! We are doing two every month: one in the beginning, which is a great Q & A, and another broadcast at the end of the month, where we discuss the Tea of the Month.
  • This year's Annual Global Tea Hut trip will be announced this month. It is going to be a very exciting trip to Chaozhou (the birthplace of gongfu tea), Quanzhou, De Hua, Phoenix Mountain and Hong Kong!
  • Our Light Meets Life fundraiser teas and teaware are selling fast (some are sold out). We have some of the best cakes we have ever produced and some glorious gongfu teaware. All the proceeds will help build our future Center, called "Light Meets Life."
  • We are considering hosting two Annual Global Tea Hut Trips in 2018: our usual spring trip to a tea-growing region of Asia and a second trip within Taiwan itself. Would this second trip interest you?
  • We have been looking at land for Light Meets Life. Help us make our new Center a reality by reading the "10kx2020" pamphlet and contacting us if you feel there is any way you can help!
January Affirmation
I am health embodied

Do I make negative, limiting stories about my physical constitution? I am free to enjoy eating healthy food. I am free to exercise and transform my body to live as embodied as I can, realizing healing and well-being.

Center News
  • Before you visit, check out the Center's website ( to read about the schedule, food, what you should bring, etc. Make sure you apply early for courses as they fill up fast (this is why we need a bigger, more awesome Center).
  • We are hiring! We have three jobs to fill: a PR position, a web designer and we are offering a one-year internship for a photographer/videographer. All three positions are paid. Check out the "10kx2020" pamphlet for details.
  • We are considering offering one longer, more meditative course for older/experienced students in 2018. This course would be twenty days, cover each brewing method more indepth and also include more meditation each day. Would you be interested? If so, what time of year would be best for you?
  • It is worth getting on a waiting list if the course you wish to apply for is full. We often have last-minute openings!