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April 2013

Drinking Global Tea Hut - Two Faces of One Tea

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AuthorPetr Novak
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Drinking Global Tea Hut - Two Faces of One Tea

by Petr Novak

If my day is perfect, it starts with a few rituals and habits. After cold shower, and a half hour of Tai Qi there is time for Cha Qi. I light up charcoal, pour water into my kettle, clean a bit and prepare the tea leaves of the day... Over time, my relationship to tea has changed from a hobby into an intimate path - from a walk in the park to a pilgrimage through the mountains. And such mornings meditative tea moments become a very important part of that journey. I am a happy participant of the Global Tea Hut

party, though just for a few months now. And I am always surprised when the postman knocks on our door and asks for a signature for this brown envelope. Is it another month? Really? When the envelope is opened and the content examined, I usually move the Tea of the Month to a tea caddy to rest and breathe. It is waiting there for the right time, till we will be ready to meet again...

I found out that it is quite easy (and worthy, too) to divine the tea in two parts: First, I share one with our tea friends. There are always some timely comings and goings here. I do not even have to invite them. They already know that some living tea is resting here and that I will be happy to be host. As usual, when a few friends are sitting around the tea table, we focus on the tea but also have a friendly chat and tea talk. The energy is more outside, shared and rippled.

The second part of the Tea of the Month I prepare for myself during one of my morning sessions. Here I am both host and guest. As the host, I am doing my best, trying to prepare the tea as delicately, powerfully and in a healing way. As guest I am grateful for the received cup, thankful for every sip. The energy is more concentrated and contemplative. I am focused on the tea. When drinking a cup under the Global Tea Hut, it is like sipping from a cup of light - sitting alone and knowing that with such cup of tea there is not such a thing like alone.

I like, and I see as meaningful, both faces which these leaves show me. The uplifting presence of friends, who show me their smiles, is as important to me as the power that makes my morning still...