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July 2013

Center News

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Center News

by Global Tea Hut

The Global Tea Hut website now has a forum up, where we can all discuss this month's tea and ask or answer questions, as well as share our experiences. It is a great way to meet some of your brothers and sisters in the hut. Come and join us:

(We are also on Facebook and Twitter now!)

We have a great video series online now. There are many videos about this tradition, tea brewing, the center and Wu De's travels and work. They are all very inspiring to watch. You can visit our Youtube channel via the GTH website or watch the video on the new page at our site. We will be launching regular videos all the time so check back!

There are currently 170 people in Global Tea Hut from all around the world: countries like Spain, Thailand, Russia, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, USA, the U.K. and Taiwan. Our accountant, Kaiya the Magnificent (and Merciful) says that things are abundant nowadays so we should all live happily everafter, forever and ever! Membership will be limited to 250ish members!

If any of you are interested in seeing these newsletters in color, you can read them on the Internet at the GTH website, under the link for 'newsletters'. Some of the photography is worth taking a peak at.

You are all welcome to visit our center in Taiwan. All classes, as well as room and board are completely free of charge. We have tons going on. You can read more at:

We weren't able to send the envelopes without having them registered. This is because the post office informed us that they will be mishandled that way. If your enevelope is returned to us, we will send it back. If it gets lost, please let us know. Try to choose an address where someone is sure to be home during the day to sign for it. Also, remember to pick it up from the post office. If you really, really require unregistered post, let us know...

Wu De is planning a trip to LA this August. He will be doing workshops in Venice, Ojai and even a trip to the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. Joyce is also coming, making this trip extra special. If you are interested in participating contact Colin "The Hudinator" Hudon! (303842-4660)

Wu De just returned from a succesful tour of Russia. It went incredibly well. There were workshops in the east and west, and dozens of people attended in all. In August, you'll be able to read about the trip and see some highlights! Thanks for all the support.

Our center here in Miao Li, Tea Sage Hut, just got a new kitchen! As many of you know, this was a long time coming. The new kitchen is gorgeous, complete with a kitchen god, new cupboards, stone counters, a kuanyin, and much more. Come over and share a meal!
Be happy!