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May 2012

May 2012

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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May 2012

by Global Tea Hut

We've been in this Tea Hut for some time, and our vision is lighter. We feel free in some indescribable way. Could it have been the tea? Was it some magic the old man put into the leaves? "What kind of tea was that?" we ask after the session is over. "Just the kind you needed." He replies with a rascally grin. He pats us on the shoulder and shoos us out the flap and into the clearing. The sun is low in the sky and the old tree seems busy gathering up its rays, perhaps saving them for the coming night. The way back down the trail is so much easier, and we walk with a newfound bounce in our step.

In the last few issues, we have discussed the magic of this metaphoric Hut we are building, and how the sharing of tea with this community goes beyond time and space. Some of you have even reported sensing this connection in your lives, recognizing the significance of others drinking the same tea with you - people you don't know, and from around our world. Though we may live on different continents, we all come to this Hut and share a bit of tea together at least once a month. Look for your new brothers and sisters in that space. Drink this tea with an open mind and heart, and in the spirit of connection, and see what happens.

For our part, we come to realize how much deeper and more profound this experience is each and every month. Not only is it creating abundance, which allows us to fund our school, offer free lodging and food, courses and roadside tea huts, publications and workshops - not only that, but it is changing us! And we have the feeling it is changing some of you as well. The abundance we are creating isn't just financial; it's spiritual and communal, too. There is also more energy coming into our center than ever before, and it is all positive!

And new insights haven't stopped coming out - steeping after steeping, there's still flavor. We have been sharing them with you as an introduction to each month's newsletter, with the hopes that they inspire your lives as they have ours. Besides a feeling of connection with all of you, we have begun to realize that as we all drink these teas, imbued with good wishes, we carry the energy of the tea out into what we do.

Two issues ago, we started the "Tea Wayfarers" section of this newsletter, thinking that it would be nice for you all to get to know each other. We quickly realized that in getting to know what Greg Wendt does, for example, you are also getting to know what Global Tea Hut does, because GTH teas are a part of Greg's life and in all that he does, as he himself told us. We then realized that if Global Tea Hut impacts you, your work is affected, as are your relationships. In this way, Global Tea Hut is having a much larger inspiration on all of us than we thought!

And that's why we thought we'd start this issue with the moment we all get up from the session and head back to our lives, the moment we leave the old tea sage's hut and head back down to the world, somehow changed. And that change is a drop in the ocean of global consciousness; but any drop that is awakened, is a powerful catalyst indeed...

In every breath
and every step
from the first flutter of my eyes 
onto the newborn light
to the last drop of awareness
and beyond
In all that I do
and all that I am
I am preparing tea