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November 2013

Center News

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Center News

by Global Tea Hut

The Global Tea Hut website now has a forum up, where we can all discuss this month's tea and ask or answer questions, as well as share our experiences. It is a great way to meet some of your brothers and sisters in the hut. Come and join us:

(We are also on Facebook and Twitter now!)

We have a great video series online now. There are many videos about this tradition, tea brewing, the center and Wu De's travels and work. They are all very inspiring to watch. You can visit our Youtube channel via the GTH website or watch the video on the new page at our site. We will be launching regular videos all the time so check back!

There are currently 200 people in Global Tea Hut from all around the world: countries including Spain, Thailand, Russia, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, USA, the U.K. and Taiwan. Our accountant, Kaiya the Magnificent (and Merciful) says that things are abundant nowadays so we should all live happily everafter, forever and ever! We are contemplating and discussing what will happen as more people join and what to do with energy, trying our best to be great stewards of your love and money!

If any of you are interested in seeing these newsletters in color, you can read them on the Internet at the GTH website, under the link for 'newsletters'. Some of the photography is worth taking a peak at.

You are all welcome to visit our center in Taiwan. All classes, as well as room and board are completely free of charge. We have tons going on. You can read more at:

We have changed all the shipping to unregistered post due to an inflation in the cost of Taiwanese shipping. What this means is that you won't have to sign for GTH anymore; it will just be left on your door or in your mailbox. This may mean that some get lost, and we can't track them, so you will have to let us know if you don't get your GTH.

Wu De is not traveling to Estonia, Ukraine, LA or anywhere else. He is hanging around the center smiling huge ear-to-ear grins while making tea, working on his books and contentedly laughing from the belly!

As you can see we are shifting our GTH services around: changing the format of these newsletters. (Hopefully you see this as improvement - we do!) We also had to switch envelopes, as the post office doesn't make the old ones anymore (but that means we can draw on the new ones). Please contact us or use the forums and let us know what you think!

Our center here in Miao Li, Tea Sage Hut, has a new Shennong. He was the last tea sage we needed! We have Baisao, Bodhidharma, Guanyin and Rikyu. Now with an awesome Shennong, all the traditions are represented. It is masterfully carved in clay and cast in copper sometime around 100 years ago in Japan. Come and see!
Be happy!