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January 2014

Welcome to a New Year of Global Tea Hut

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Welcome to a New Year of Global Tea Hut

by Global Tea Hut

Happy 2014! Welcome to a new year of Global Tea Hut!

The tides of this year have washed so much incredible inspiration ashore, we wonder if this small island can contain it! Our center has brimmed over with the loving visits from so many of you, and we're sure the rest of you are on the way! For the first time ever, we've come to feel that this new center, Light Meets Life, isn't just our vision, but yours as well!

As some of you have surely read in November's issue, we have been discussing the ways to move forward with building the world's best tea center. As more and more people arrive from around the world, we want to build a suitable space to create community through tea, activating and awakening harmony around the globe through this amazing medicine. The world's best tea center isn't cheap, though. And we never liked the idea of sitting around waiting for donors to show up and make it happen for us. We want to build it ourselves!

And we can. With your help...

We have decided to lift the cap on this Global Tea Hut, and build our center ourselves, with the contributions of people like you around the world. Energetically, it feels good to move forward in this way. We are full of an intense verve to make this a reality, and soon! A brand new center that can host hundreds of tea lovers around the world every year for free is actually not as distant a goal as we had thought. It is reachable, and we don't need to wait for wealthy donors to make it happen. We can do it together in the coming years. Here is how you can help:

After crunching numbers, the guides and stewards of this project have told us that if Global Tea Hut were to go from 200 to 2000 members, our monthly income would be enough that we could put some tens of thousands of dollars aside every month. Within six months to a year that savings and income would open up all kinds of discussions with donors, banks and even begin a gradual building schedule. In other words, if we have 2000 members, we can start building almost right away!

It is our New Year's resolution that we will get to at least 2000 members by January 1st, 2015!

We can't do that without you, though. We need your help. Help us build this free center - the best the world's ever known - and as much for your sake as for ours. If every one of you gets one friend to sign up for Global Tea Hut every month in 2014, we will reach our goal and then some. Could you do that? Could you find just one new member each month?

This is our year!!!

For a long time, we discussed putting a limit on Global Tea Hut in order to keep the process more personal. We consider ourselves very responsible stewards of your donations: everyone involved in this project is a volunteer and we never spend money unconscientiously. We also often say prayers of gratitude for you all, and your support. Having to sit around and wait for someone to give us millions of dollars isn't a great plan, especially when we have this amazing tool to earn it ourselves. And isn't Global Tea Hut awesome enough to achieve that?

This means there will be a slight loss in the personal touches of Global Tea Hut - the envelopes may not be hand-written anymore and the articles may shift. But is that so bad? Isn't it a fair trade, considering the fact this Hut can build our new center? We asked a lot of members and they all resoundingly and enthusiastically agreed that a little less personal touch in the envelopes and articles is more than worth a brand new tea center we can all enjoy! When you think about it, the losses seem negligible compared to the benefits!

As we talked more and more, we also realized that the added money in Global Tea Hut could improve it, rather than just being a loss of personal touch. We hope to take the magazine full color and we have already improved the tea packaging; we hope to include more journalism and translations, as well as trips to find more tea donors that are sourced directly from farmers in Japan, Korea and Mainland China, aside from Taiwan. That way, the change in articles can be a great one!

Simply put, help us get from 200 to 2000 members this year and Global Tea Hut will have a better, more informative magazine in full color and we will begin building Light Meets Life the following year!

A better Global Tea Hut, with more varied and better teas, means a new tea center for us all!

Help us by sharing Global Tea Hut to your community with an effort to find at least one new member a month.

If we all pitch in, we can raise the first walls of the best tea center the world has ever known in 2015! Thousands of tea lovers will benefit from this free tea center over the years, and perhaps even centuries...

Here are some of the ways we are going to make this happen - we are going to go from 200 to 2000 members in 2014:

  1. Starting in February, everyone who signs up for Global Tea Hut will automatically get a free month for a friend
  2. Current subscribers will also get a free month for a friend on the anniversary of your subscription in the coming year.

Here are the ways you can make it happen:

  1. Use social media to help promote our video, links and membership to Global Tea Hut. Help us by making more of an effort to share it online.
  2. Share each month's tea with friends. Show them the newsletter and tell them that the magazine and the teas are going to improve as the membership increases. Tell them we need 2000 members this year to begin construction on our tea center.
  3. Discuss Global Tea Hut with people you know.

Take the pledge to help find one new member a month for all of 2014 and we will reach our goal. We plan to keep you updated every month as to how our campaign is going, and how close we are to our goal.

Together we can create and share a beautiful new tea center, free to all!!!