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February 2014


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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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by Global Tea Hut

Tea of the Month

2000 Aged Liu Bao, Cangwu, Guangxi, China

Golden Flowers (Jin Hua)
Wu De

Discussing the mold on many Black Teas

Liu Bao Cha
Luo Ying Yin

Translated from the original article published in "Tea Art Magazine"

Gongfu Tea tips
Shane Marrs

An example of one student's notebook for an experiment

The Chaxi Chronicles: The Chabu
Kai Ya

A new GTH series on Chaxi, starting with using tea cloths in arrangements

Teaware Artisans
Lindsey Goodwin

A new GTH series, starting with gorgeous side-handle pots at our doorstep in Miaoli

Tea Events
Wu De

We'll occasionally be reporting on tea events, starting with this year's Taichung Expo

When Sometimes it Seems Hopeless
Steve Kokker

Tea & spirituality in the modern world

Baisao, the Later Years
Nick Dilks

Continued from December's issue

What is a Tea Tradition?
Wu De

Explaining our tradition and what it is about

Tea Wayfarer
Sam Gibb, New Zealand