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March 2014

March 2014

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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March 2014

by Global Tea Hut

In March, we turn the corner of this new lunar year. As the firecrackers finally die down, the cold retreats from Taiwan and the rains approach. The changes in the weather and world are so much stronger this year, magnified by the support and encouragement we've felt to expand this magazine and gather resources to begin building the world's best free tea centers! Like the weather, it seems as if a great force encircles our center, crackling the air with energy waiting to be released.

In the last two months, we've sent out a record amount of envelopes, including all the gifts to many of your friends. We are growing, with your help, towards our goal of two thousand members by the end of the year. And in exchange for all your help, we decided to make the turn to full color early - before our previous goal of five hundred members! To be honest, at this stage it is an expensive shift, but we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to making this Global Tea Hut experience more worthwhile to receive, as well as to share with others. We think that showing up with an even better magazine will incentivize even more growth. And besides, there are still a lot of amazing improvements to come, including more and varied teas, greater support and connection with organic farmers throughout China, Taiwan, Korean and Japan; and also more varied articles, ranging from tea events to tea regions, history and folklore to interviews with famous tea lovers. Of course, we don't plan on losing the personal charm, community or spiritual depth these magazines bring either!

This is still very much a community to us, just a growing one! And that means that we are still open to submissions from any of you for coming issues. We would also like to encourage you to contact us more often with questions or topics you'd like us to write more about. We are thirsty for your criticism, knowing that if we want more tea lovers to be inspired by this magazine your opinions and input will help us make that happen. The move to color also allows us the chance to utilize more photography, as well as to highlight more teaware, art and Nature in print!

Aside from sending us with questions, topics of interest you'd like us to write about and/or articles of your own, the most important ways you can help are to share these Global Tea Hut teas with your friends, show them the magazine and share how rewarding the experience is. Hopefully they will feel as you do. If you are interested, we are also trying to coordinate some exposure through online social media (contact us for details).

Some of you have been asking about the shift to a full-color magazine as it relates to the environmental footprint Global Tea Hut will have. As most all of you know, we are committed to sustainable, organic and living teas. All of the teas that come in these envelopes are exclusively organic, grown in harmony with Nature (though not always certified). We are just as interested in maintaining this philosophy with regards to our magazine, packaging, as well as the ways we build and maintain our free centers. We are researching alternative printing methods, ink, etc. for the day when we are a bit more financially free to choose how and where we print these issues. If any of you have any knowledge in this field, please contact us with ideas.

Putting down the news and the ongoing need to promote and expand this vision, there is a shining heart of gratitude. No matter how big Global Tea Hut gets, let's make a promise that we never forget one thing: that we are all here together, real people around the world sharing tea together each and every month! We don't do this every month to sell tea or a magazine, but to drink tea together with all of you - even if it be from a distance! Let us always remember why we showed up in the first place. Remember the early days? Remember when the intros to these issues were on the cover? If you don't, have a look at the past issues that are up on our website for free. In those days, we often started with a poetic metaphor of entering the large tea hut, sitting around the circle and sharing some bowls. Though we've grown up, and even have color all around, let us once more turn the corner of that winding trail to find the large gathering of all our tea brothers and sisters from around the world. They're almost all here...

Come have a seat. The tea will be ready soon...

For questions, more information, or to submit an article of your own, contact us at: