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June 2014

Hsu Tzu Shu

Article Title
AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
TagsBack Cover
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Hsu Tzu Shu

by Global Tea Hut

Tea Inspired Poetry
A List of Times for tea
In idle passing
When poetry fails to inspire
Thoughts confused
In time to a song
When the music is finished
A life in seclusion
Enjoying the scholarly life
Conversing late at night
Studying on a sunny day
In the bridal chamber
In honor of favored guests
As host to scholars or pretty girls
Friends return from far away
In perfect weather
When skies are overcast
Watching boats sail by in the canal
Amidst trees and bamboo groves
When the flowers blossom and the birds sing
On hot days by the side of a lotus pond
Burning incense in the courtyard
After tipsy guests have retired
When the children are out
On visits to remote temples
Near a spring or scenic landscape
- Hsu Tzu Shu