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August 2014


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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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by Global Tea Hut

Tea of the Month - Spring 2014 Tsui Yu Oolong

Ming Jian, Taiwan

Taiwan Tea Varietals

By Wu De

Gongfu Tea Tips

This month we discuss temperature and showering the pot when brewing.

Sun Tea

Kai Ya talks about brewing tea in the sun, which is such a great way to enjoy tea in the summer.

Teaware & Artisans: Imperial Celadon

Ethan Thompson explores this magical glaze form in all its detail and history.

A Market for Hope

Our newest resident, Max Raphael, discusses Hope Market. Though serving tea at Hope has always blessed these pages, here we share more details.

The Eight Bowls: Study, Contemplation & Prayer

Shane Marrs continues this series of commentary on the Eight Bowls of our tradition with the third bowl of Humility & Gratitude; Study, Contemplation & Prayer.

Tea Wayfarer

Sabina Padilla, USA

Cover photo: Wu De picking this month's tea

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