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June 2012

Center News

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Center News

by Global Tea Hut

The Global Tea Hut website now has a forum up, where we can all discuss this month's tea and ask or answer questions, as well as share our experiences. It is a great way to meet some of your brothers and sisters in the hut. Come and join us: (We are also on Facebook and Twitter now!)

We are launching a free video series of teachings this month, from our center here in Taiwan. Wu De will give some teachings on tea and share some life wisdom each week. We are working on editing the first video now, which should be up by month's end. Check the website for details and a link to our Youtube page is also up on the site as well.

There are currently 75 people in Global Tea Hut from all around the world: countries like Spain, Russia, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, USA, the U.K. and Taiwan. Our accountant, Kaiya the Magnificent (and Merciful) says that once we get to around 100-120 people all our financial worries will vanish and we'll live happily everafter, forever and ever...

If any of you are interested in seeing these newsletters in color, you can read them on the Internet at the GTH website, under the link for 'newsletters'. Some of the photography is worth taking a peak at.

We have used some of your contributions to buy an amazing 100+-year-old matcha grinder. We are experimenting with grinding several kinds of tea for boiling and whisking. We've ground an aged-oolong matcha so far and are doing an aged Puer next. We plan to share some of this magic with you all soon!

We have given out 3 scholarships for a free year of GTH to people who want in but cannot afford the cost. If you know anyone else interested, please let us know. It is a great joy to expand this community!

Wu De will be in LA this July! We are doing some amazing tastings and workshops there from the 10th through the 19th. Come and join us if you are nearby. Contact the Hudonator for more information!

Let us know about what you think of Global Tea Hut so far, either by contacting us or expressing your thoughts on the new forum. We would love to hear your comments or criticism. We are here to serve and make this experience better for everyone, bringing us all closer together.
Be happy!