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September 2015

Tea Wayfarer

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Tea Wayfarer

by Global Tea Hut

Each month, we introduce one of the Global Tea Hut members to you in these magazines in order to help you get to know more people in this growing international community. It's also to pay homage to the many manifestations that all this wonderful spirit and Tea are becoming, as the Tea is drunk and becomes human. The energy of the Tea fuels some great work in this world, and we are so honored to share glimpses of such beautiful people and their Tea. This month we would like to introduce Chris Carpenter:

As so often happens with life changing events, my journey into the world of Tea began as a result of a series of serendipitous events, culminating in a talk with tea by Wu De in February of this year. As I sat in silence, drinking tea and watching this enchanter of liquids work his magic, I was changed on a fundamental level. Never before had I experienced time standing still so effortlessly like it did on that day. After we drank our tea, I sat captivated for hours as Wu talked about the Five Elements and their relationship to Tea. I can honestly say that I never noticed the time passing. I can not remember any experience previous to that where I was so completely enraptured!

Since then I have drunk tea every single day, usually first thing in the morning, and that practice has grown into a daily meditation and journaling, too. I have developed a practice of mindfulness that has permeated many areas of my life and has improved everything I do.

Before meeting Wu De, I was already on a journey of self-discovery, figuring out what I want out of life. And that has led me to a kind of spiritual awakening, but I was unable to voice my experiences, thoughts or feelings. What Wu was saying about Tea that day somehow articulated everything I was going through. Tea was the thread that bound it all together.  

I had been backpacking through Asia for six weeks, with a backpack half-filled with tea and teaware. As my last stop before moving on to North America, I stopped at the Tea Sage Hut in Taiwan to spend some time learning more about Tea and meditation. Being there deepened my love and appreciation for all aspects of Tea and given me a base of knowledge which I can build upon. Moving forward, I'll be going to Burning Man festival to help with construction. Having been to the Hut, I now have the confidence I need to make serving Tea in a ceremonial space a part of my contribution to the festival. 

I can say with great confidence that finding my way into the world of Tea has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have met so many wonderful people and have had a multitude of amazing experiences through the Leaf. My heart is full of love and gratitude for all of them. I am eternally grateful to my Tea friend Matty for hosting Wu De when he came to Brisbane and following his intuition in insisting that I come along to Wu's talk.  My life has been forever changed, and I know that Tea will always be a friend and guide wherever I travel to from here.

If you want to change your life, all it takes is a bowl, some leaves and hot water...

I am traveling now. I hope to meet some of you along the way. Drop me a line to find out where I am, and, of course, if you'd like to share some tea: