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August 2012

August 2012

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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August 2012

by Global Tea Hut

The new spiritual families are without borders, and share new insights and wisdom with great joy. We are open to vulnerability as a power, rather than something to be feared; or worse yet swept under the rug. And in seeking such an awakening of harmony and consciousness, there can be no exclusivity to our organization. In fact, we needn't make an identity of our tradition, but rather allow it to express itself through all the amazing things we are doing. This expression is apparent in the many Global Tea Hut members who are infusing the tea spirit into their music, movies, environmental and economic works, their growth and healing of others and themselves.

It has always seemed as if the darkness was on the verge of overrunning the world, but that's only because it is noisier than the light. The news isn't reporting the millions of meditators, the smiles and hugs, and the uplifted consciousness that is awakening globally. There are a tremendous amount of people cultivating and sharing spirit with others. Tea is also playing a role in this transformation of consciousness, amongst other medicines.

Tea is an ideal medium for healing the world and uplifting us, as it is adaptagenic, which means it heals whatever needs healing. Like the liquid that conveys its essence, it slips into all the cracks, wherever it's needed most. And not just within our bodies, but also between souls. Tea adapts amazingly to the environment it is brewed in: it can be celebratory, awakening, enlightening or encourage a deep and lasting stillness.

If we asked a Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist to sit in a room and discuss religion, they might emerge arguing. But if they went into that same room and discussed only the tea they were drinking, they would emerge brothers! Tea transcends sociocultural boundaries. It is the paragon of civilization, and always has been an emblem of peaceful discourse.

The wisdom tea transmits is nonverbal and timeless. There are sutras in these leaves - written in the veins. If we learn to read them, they lead us to higher aspects of ourselves. In walking through the old tea forests we transcend the illusory boundaries between ourselves and this Great Nature. It is there that the earth is rounded again, and without any of the false and divisive lines we draw upon our paper maps.

This tradition of Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) is striving to cultivate, promote and express awakening through tea as a part of this global shift in consciousness. Our center is a place of solace and wisdom; and though our medium is always tea, we are open to learn and grow in any wisdom tradition. We use tea as medicine in the Native American sense of the word: as that which connects us to the oneness of this universe and our role on earth. Of course, this includes having a healthy mind, body and spirit, as these are the ways and means of achieving such a harmony, as well as the result.

As the new consciousness emerges, some people will feel called upon to form groups that reflect the enlightened consciousness. These groups will not be collective egos. The individuals who make up these groups will have no need to define their identity through them. Whether they be enlightened businesses, charitable organizations, schools or communities of people living together, these enlightened collectives can be a vortex for consciousness that will accelerate the planetary shift.
- Eckhart Tolle