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July 2016

The Great Honey Incident of Jingmai Forest

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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The Great Honey Incident of Jingmai Forest

by Global Tea Hut

One of the most precious experiences on our trip (and we're sure that all the participants would agree) happened unannounced, as all great experiences do. The surprise occurred after a long tea session in the old-growth tea forest of Jingmai, in which Ming Hui had just served a lovely old-growth tea from that very forest and everyone was basking in the open-hearted post-session joy, walking around and hugging one another and the old tea trees. It was, after all, our last visit to the forest before heading back to the city the next morning. Wandering around, we found a beautiful aboriginal woman pruning her tea trees in a distracted way, as though she was waiting for someone or something, which she was. All of a sudden, from up the trail, her husband came bounding into view, wearing a green rain-suit that covered his entire body and carrying a matching green plastic bucket. As he approached, we realized that he was dressed in this way because he had just been harvesting wild honey! He offered us all some, saying that since the entire forest was tea trees, this honey was made almost exclusively from the pollen of tea trees! Tea honey! Really?! The honey was still warm and in the comb. We all chewed it up, licking it off our fingers. It was beyond a doubt the best honey any of us had ever had! Dave put some in his mouth, his eyes lit up and he said, "I think this is going to get me high!" Sure enough, everyone was full of boundless joy and smiles of delight for the rest of the day. Is there anything better than tea honey?

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