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August 2016

Inside the Hut

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Inside the Hut

by Global Tea Hut

Because of the large number of tea sessions happening around the world, we are going to post about them on our website from now on and use this section to discuss news happening around the world. If you have any news, like a wedding, birth or tea happening, let us know and we'll write about it here. Also, our new website coming in the next few months will connect you to tea sessions around the world in a much better way than this page ever could!
  • The 2016 Light Meets Life Fundraiser is now in full swing, with more and more cakes showing up all the time. We have two amazing old-growth sheng teas this year, a Five Element shou, an amazing Dian Hong from Big Snow Mt. and another surprise as well!
  • We have a new page for Wu De's teaching events around the world. Many of you are always asking for updates, so we thought it was about time to share them:
  • We have started broadcasting live videos at the beginning of every month on our Facebook page. This is a great way to connect with us, learn together and ask any and all questions. Check it out!
  • The 2016 Photo Contest has officially begun! It will be going until August 5th, with only one entry per person this year. Runners-up will get free months of Global Tea Hut for friends and winners will get cakes, a Petr Novak side-handle teapot & Wu De's artwork!
  • We are giving away two cakes of Ambrosia each month until the end of the year. All you have to do to be eligible is take a picture of yourself serving Global Tea Hut tea and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #servingglobalteahut. We have already given the first few away! Don't miss the chance!
  • Wu De will be facilitating a six-day retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees. It will be a Zen & Tea One Flavor retreat focusing on the connection between meditation and tea. Participants will gather fresh spring water, meditate a few hours a day, learn chanting and have tea as well as Zen discourses throughout. It will be a rare chance to deepen your practice and learn tea at the same time. And, if that wasn't enough, it is being held at a gorgeous venue in the mountains of rural Spain. This event will run from October 8th to 14th. If you are interested in attending, please check out the website:

    Wu De will also be traveling in Germany and the Czech Republic after the retreat, sharing tea and teaching Cha Dao.

August Affirmation
I love and accept myself.

Do I judge myself? Before I can start participating in the world in a compassionate way, I must first learn to love myself, accepting all my character defects as the first step in overcoming them.

Center News
  • Before you visit, check out the Center's website ( to read about the schedule, food, what you should bring, etc. We've had a big increase in our number of guests lately, so if possible, please contact us well in advance to arrange a visit.
  • We are looking for help with farming, photography, video and web design. If any of you have experience in these things and are interested in staying at the Center to learn Cha Dao, with free room and board, contact us!
  • We have started gathering money towards offering one annual scholarship to fly someone to the Center each year. Once we have enough, we will let the community nominate candidates. Let us know if you want to contribute to help make this happen!
  • We have started a daily inspirational video series, where we will share small clips of joy in the life of the Tea Sage Hut!