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January 2017

Inside the Hut

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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Inside the Hut

by Global Tea Hut

  • Tea & Meditation
  • Chajin Stories
  • Classicsof Tea: Ming Dynasty
  • Liu An Black Tea
  • As you can see, we have a new printer. We are very excited about this. Through some good fortune, we have found a printer that visits the Center, believes in our mission and in improving the magazine!
  • Wu De will be in Bali in late January, with a stop in New Zealand to serve tea at the Wanderlust Festival. Then Wu De and Sam will be traveling in New Zealand and Australia, some time in March.
  • We have a new page for Wu De's teaching events around the world. Many of you are always asking for updates, so we thought it was about time to share them:
  • This is our year to start work on Light Meets Life. Please help us spread the word. When the new Center is open, we will move to a course schedule, sending you all a catalogue every December with the coming year's courses.
  • We have started broadcasting live videos at the beginning of every month on our Facebook page. This is a great way to connect with us, learn together and ask any and all questions. Check it out! We are now offering free Light Meets Life cakes to authors whose submissions are accepted in Global Tea Hut. Let us know if you are interested! Also let us know if there are any topics you want to see in future issues.
  • Don't forget that we have a tremendous amount of supplementary material online: articles in Further Readings, blog posts from the community, and past issues of this magazine as well as a ton of videos on many subjects that we have covered over the years of sharing tea wisdom.
January Affirmation
I am changing.

Am I willing to face the risks of changing this year? If I won't risk the loss of all that I am not, I will never find the true person I really am. I let go into transformation and let the world carry me to higher states of consciousness.

Center News
  • Before you visit, check out the Center's website ( to read about the schedule, food, what you should bring, etc. Wu will be traveling a lot in 2017, so check his schedule on the site if you are interested in seeing him while you are here at the Center.
  • Jasper will be taking precepts in our tradition this month. Raise a bowl for him and send some congratulations his way. What a bright Chajin! We'll let you know how it went next month.
  • It is now winter time, which means Fridays are hot spring days at the Center. Every Friday morning, we steep some shou tea and head to the nearby hot springs for a winter tradition of a few hours of soaking. (If you were looking for an excuse to visit in the winter, you've got it!)
  • We are going to host a ten-day tea courses at the Center in 2017 on tea and Qi Gong, probably in September. Contact us if you are interested.