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September 2012

Tea Sage Hut Projects

Article Title
AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Tea Sage Hut Projects

by Global Tea Hut

Our Center
  • Expenses (essentially covered by local donations and Global Tea Hut)
  • Food and entertainment, trips and gas for visitors who wish to see Taiwan
  • Bowls and tea for every guest to take home
  • A Puerh Cave on the third floor
  • A library of vintage teas for future students to study from
  • A Large collection of various teawares to learn from
Future Center
  • Mountain land (probably around 200,000-300,000 USD for the size we need)
  • Building (expenses unknown at this point)
  • Gardening (both landscaping and vegetables for eating)
  • The Leaf, Tea & Tao Magazine (Online and free at:
  • Translations of some Chinese texts for free distribution
  • Printing of pamphlets and introductions for free distribution
  • The purchase of copies of Wu De's books: Faces of the Master, Tea Wisdom, The Way of Tea and Zen & Tea, One Flavor for free distribution at our center
  • We still need around 500 USD worth of equipment
  • We are also looking for a way to better host/share the videos