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September 2017


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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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by Global Tea Hut

Issue 68

September 2017

Morning Glory
It is time for our special Extended Edition of Global Tea Hut. We are excited to present one of the largest and most in-depth publications on Yixing history, lore and ceramic ware that has ever been published in the English language. And we will be sipping a very special Yixing tea as we learn and explore!
  • Master Zhou Qi Kun
  • An Introduction to Yixingware
  • Gong Chun
  • The Significance of Yixing Teaware in Chinese Tea Art
  • By Li Guang Chung

  • Purple-Sand Art - Part I: From Ore to Clay & Craft to Artworks
  • By Huang Chien Liang

  • How to Choose an Yixing Teapot
  • By Wu De

  • Styles of Yixing Teapots
  • How to Hold an Yixing Teapot
  • Purple-Sand Art - Part II: Archaeological Discoveries
  • By Huang Chien Liang

  • Scouring An Yixing Teapot
  • Traditions
  • Tea of the Month
  • "Morning Glory," 2017 Wild Gongfu Red Tea
    Yixing, Jiangsu, China

  • TeaWayfarer
  • Matthew Grohne, USA

晨 榮 耀

Love is changing the world bowl by bowl

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