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September 2017

Inside the Hut

Article Title
AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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Inside the Hut

by Global Tea Hut

Coming Soon to Global Tea Hut Magazine
  • Zen & Tea Retreats
  • Shou Puerh
  • Chajin Stories/Biographies
  • Sidehandle pots
  • We are looking to place some magazines in public spaces where more people will read them. If you know a library, tea house or tea shop, or any other location where these magazines may be read, let us know!
  • Keep the app active. Don't feel intimidated if you are a beginner. Post your tea sessions, share your ideas about the Tea of the Month or other teas you like, and feel free to ask questions.
  • The live broadcasts are so much fun that we are now doing two a month. There is the normal Q&A at the beginning of the month and another broadcast on the Tea of the Month at the end. Join us!
  • We are going to do a whole issue on recipes. Please submit your vegetarian recipes to our new 2017 Recipe Contest and you will get some bonus tea! (Winners will get some extra prizes along with a bonus tin.)
  • Our Light Meets Life fundraiser teas and teaware are arriving. Keep an eye out on the website, as some of the special teaware we are making this year will be very limited, and most likely, will sell very fast. The teas are also very exciting!
  • Did you love this issue? Well, we have some great news: this issue will be released as a hardbound book in 2018, including some extra articles to expand your Yixing knowledge and hundreds of photographs.
  • Wu De will be in Spain for our annual retreat this October. Then, there will be events in the United States afterwards. Check the website for more details:
September Affirmation
I work with passion

Do I just go through the motions? Have I lost the drive to create and inspire others? Do I love what I do for a living? I am inspired and full of creativity. I live with passion and great devotion. I contribute value to my community.

Center News
  • Before you visit, check out the Center's website ( to read about the schedule, food, what you should bring, etc. Wu De will be traveling less in 2018. We will be posting next year's schedule in a couple of months so stay tuned.
  • Switching to a ten-day course schedule has proven to be Tea-inspired. The courses are deep and rich. We are getting some beautiful feedback and it feels like guests are going home with a deeper draught of darker tea liquor.
  • Samson Swanick was initiated into our tradition. We are proud to have him in this generation of the Hut. He is a beautiful soul. Be sure to look him up if you are in Bali. Also, he is next month's TeaWayfarer, so those of you who haven't yet met Samson will get the chance to hear his tea story.
  • If you could choose two topical courses to have in 2018, aside from the normal ten-day courses, what would they be? Let us know!