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December 2017


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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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by Global Tea Hut

Issue 71

December 2017

Ma Bao (馬堡)
We are excited to begin a new holiday tradition of sharing a finer tea by combining the tea and gift budgets. This year, we once again turn to the small town of Liu Bao, connecting Liu Bao, Malaysia and Taiwan to the whole world through this beautiful black tea for the holidays and to toast the New Year!
  • Terroir of Liu Bao
  • By Peng Qing Zhong (彭慶中)

  • History of Liu Bao
  • By Peng Qing Zhong (彭慶中)

  • Processing of Liu Bao
  • By Peng Qing Zhong (彭慶中)

    * All of these articles are by the same author because we have translated them from his seminal work A Record of Liu Bao, which is the world's largest and most exhaustive book on Liu Bao. Once again, we also set records, as this issue is the largest, most in-depth work on Liu Bao in English!
  • Tea of the Month
  • "Ma Bao," 1990s Liu Bao Black Tea
    Liu Bao, Guangxi, China

  • Gongfu Teapot: Fluency & Precision in the Pour
  • By Shen Su

  • TeaWayfarer
  • Yuliya Maslyn, Sweden

馬 堡

Love is changing the world bowl by bowl

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