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April 2017


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AuthorGlobal Tea Hut
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by Global Tea Hut

Issue 63

April 2017

Heavenly Blossom
Raise a bowl in celebration, for this is our third Classics of Tea issue! This time we are exploring the Ming Dynasty, with translations of four Chajin from the time, as well as some insightful commentary from renowned scholars. And we have a gorgeous and unique tea to sip along the way!
  • Introduction to Ming Tea Sutras

  • Tea Manual
  • By Zhu Quan (written 1440)

  • Book of Tea
  • By Qian Chunnian
    Edited By Gu Yuanqing (1487 - 1565)

  • Ming China Meets Renaissance Europe
  • By James Norwood Pratt

  • Superfluous Things
  • By Wen Zhenheng (1585 - 1645)

  • A Required Taste
  • By Michelle Huang

  • Notes on Tea
  • By Wen Long (written 1630)

  • Emperor Ming Taizu & The Abolition of Caked Tea
  • By Steven D. Owyoung

  • Tea of the Month
  • "Heavenly Blossom," 2016 Green Tea & Blossoms
    Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan

  • TeaWayfarer
  • Kaelen Ohm, Canada

神 聖 綻 放

Love is changing the world bowl by bowl

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